Missed Connections

by Pet Names

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Tracks 1, 2, 3, & 5 Recorded at Cape Fear Studio by JK Loftin
Tracks 4 & 6 Home -Recorded by Kyle and Tommy


released February 27, 2014

Tommy - Vocals, Guitar
Kyle - Guitar
Zack - Drums
Pat - Bass



all rights reserved


Pet Names Wilmington, North Carolina

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Track Name: Empty Fortune Cookie
Your words cut through the air and disrupt the silence of brown tangled hair and paper plane pilots, so I wrote you a note on the back of your eyelids of stereotypes that would lead you to violence and sin.

Now you're tangled up in my memory matrix (of chain smoke, tattoos, a parking lot silence, a glossy eyed touch, hints of the tragic, and poems read aloud that you made so emphatic again).

And you know that I won't just let it go.

There's rain on your window, but nobody's home.
Track Name: Something I Said
Cherries of cigarette snipers take aim from the balcony
While state-run textbooks are teaching kids apathy
But it always ends up the same

There was something in the night that I cut my hair off
And there's something in her eyes in the way she stares back
But it always ends up the same

Was it something I said when we were sitting in your room glued to the TV that night?

Was it something I said that had you sneaking out the window in that soft summer dress?
Track Name: Smoke Signals
You locked yourself up in your room
It's an infinite sadness and lonely perfume

But the pheromones are making my head spin
You've got no buzz at all

I need more time, I need to stall
You're not inhaling my smoke signals

But the pheromones are making my head spin
You've got no buzz at all
Track Name: Untied Laces
It's never easy when you're stuck in cycles
And you're never sleeping
Never dreaming or believing and you're always overthinking
What you're doing what you're saying and how everyone's being

I don't think in sentences, I think in paragraphs and pages
I'm setting reminders while tripping over all the untied laces

I try to simplify the structures

It's hard to imagine when your'e always clouded
with the lessons you're forgetting and you're always overstepping
You're surrounded and confounded and your thoughts get impounded

I lost my place keeping pace
Now I'm starting over again
Track Name: Chasing Me Down
I was fake sleeping on the couch when you were leaving
I was listening to you at the door when you came home

But you, you never would let me go
You've spent so long chasing me down
And I know

I was thinking this would mean nothing to either of us

But oh, you don't know what I heard.
Track Name: Toothbrush
Take what you like, it's all free
Naked half-truths are sleeping with me
Cold sheets, midnight, recurring dreams
Wake to daylight and icy streets

We stay up late
Ignore our phones
Kiss in the snow
Get drunk at home/alone

I whispered in your ear at night
You never heard, you slept so tight
Threw out your toothbrush this morning
I stared blankly, it's sobering

I spend afternoons in bed
Your ghost leans in my ear it says
"Don't fall asleep without me."
Don't fall asleep without me