White Noise Machine

by Pet Names

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Thom Kunz
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Thom Kunz Nice to stumble on this album from the Port City. Fast and melodic at times - and slow summer night grooves and anthems like ('Sadie'). Favorite track: Sadie.
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released October 1, 2015

This album was recorded in 2 days over the last weekend of May 2015.

Tommy Hall played guitar and sang.
Kyle Ginthner played guitar.
Brent Drew played bass.
Zack Raynor played drums.

Jaci Maffetore sang on "White Noise Machine" and "Talk of the Town"

Kris Hilbert recorded, mixed, and mastered everything at Legit Biz in Greensboro, NC.

Cover photo by Tommy



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Pet Names Wilmington, North Carolina

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Track Name: Nap (or A Radically Condensed History of Postindustrial Life)
I don’t wanna talk about blame
The rain
The same damn things again
Our grades
Take it out back, start it over again

We stayed up all night long until our bodies came back home again
Track Name: Burner Phone
Were you looking to the stars to explain everything?
Like “it’s not you, it’s monogamy”
You know my money’s fake, but you take it anyway
You’re on a search for meaning in a summer mistake

Do you think the birds you see signify anything?
Are they leading you towards an epiphany?
But you flip the tape to let side B play
Fill your cup up with coke and tell them it’s ok
Tell them it’s ok
To leave their cars in the rain

But I was causing the pain
Track Name: White Noise Machine
Settle down
I can’t focus on anything at all
Steady ground
Like is the man who is happy tall?

But I don’t wanna say
It’s not gonna change

Pregnant pause
Were you zoning out, or were you reading along?
Fix your flaws
You might just do better with some hair of the dog

You keep me waiting
You drive me crazy
You taste like coffee when you kiss me
And your room always smells like weed
We get so fucked up when we work all day
Drown it out
White noise machine

Wasted days
Standing out in socks just watching the rain
Plan to stray
We just sit at home all goddamn day
Track Name: Salamander
So I woke up in your bed again
We laughed it off you drove me home that day
Better yet you should’ve kicked me out
Bitter memories from a fold-out couch

Always, always this regret
Swims around my head, always swims around my head
Alarm clock piercing through a dream
It unravels like a thread, unravels like a thread

I kinda thought I’d get away with it
Haphazard night on a nostalgia kick
But you were waiting up to let me in
We always finish up where we begin
Track Name: Sadie
Vacant, wasted, kicking over china like a raging bull
I want you back, but I can’t imagine facing down the truth

I want it all back, Sadie
I want it all back, baby
You and I would walk alone through the madness of our hearts, bleeding stones

Time for changes to flood out all the holes in our memory
And distort the past like romanticized black and white TV

I want it all back, Sadie
I want it all back, baby
You and I would walk alone through the fire of our own burning Rome
Track Name: Talk of the Town
I’ve got this image of you in a disposable flash
Slightly red-eyed and over-exposed
And you’re leaning on me
Like you’re swept off your feet
Trying to hold a pose

Where did you go after the show?

You're spending every day the talk of the town
You’re always running around
You never settle down

Were you hiding in the bathroom,
Leaning on the sink,
While I was spacing out in my car,
Trying to finally think?

Where did you go after the show?
Track Name: Swedish Fish
I like your dark lipstick colored like Swedish fish
That half-smirk in your smile
I like the grace of your fingertips, sway of your silhouette
I’ve been thinking for a while
About you

Hold on, until the lights are ready to go
Track Name: Before It Gets Better
In a 5am drive from the mountains to the coast,
Press your nose against the window and say you hate me most
‘Til we’re rubbing thighs together like we’re crickets in the night
And silence wraps around us after our last fight

I don’t know where you’re going
But I know where you are now

It always gets worse before it gets better
I could try now, but I won’t forget it
It always gets worse before it gets better

Now I’m taking notes in back of the classroom
But keeping my eyes on the door
Wondering why it’s so fleeting
Why I don’t want anything anymore

And I really think I’m too young
To be going down this road

So I will wait for you in the spring
Like symbolic renewal (or a fling)
And I won’t know what to do about the past
But I think I’ll stay the night here and try to make it last
Track Name: I Can't Make You Love Me
I was lying in the sand
I was crashing in the waves
I was floating through the air
But I couldn’t make you stay

We were sitting on the couch
When you started tearing up
There were soft and simple sounds
When we were coming undone

But no, I can't make you love me
I can't make you happy
I can't turn those grey skies

I know we both have pasts
And we have strange and selfish ways
I could try to make you laugh
Or I could try to make you stay

I don’t wanna write songs
To try to right wrongs